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The journey to building a new company can be a hard one. You don’t have to travel alone. Here at Blockchain Foundry, we offer White Paper Consulting Services for new companies looking to enter into the blockchain space. Our experts will work with you to fully vet out your white paper, provide cryptocurrency marketing and control methods, and get you on your way to success.

What we offer

The Blockchain Foundry team has made this trek before. We have the experience and knowledge to best support your company. Our thorough whitepaper vetting process will ensure that you’re prepared to begin your journey.


Phase 1 – Phase 1 begins with a review of your technical and business practices that leverage blockchain technology. Here we will assess your technical implementation and provide your team with best practices to alleviate horizontal and vertical scalability concerns, without sacrificing the auditability and traceability of blockchain technology.

Phase 2 – During Phase 2, we will create either a whitepaper or yellowpaper for your company, dependant on your business needs. Our company also offers non-technical explanation papers to ensure that your company gets as much value from the product as possible.

Phase 3 – In the final phase we will provide your company with the LaTeX files of the paper and all other source materials and review any changes made to the document with your team to ensure satisfaction. Our final products come with support from our dedicated Whitepaper Team, who will provide your company with responses to any questions you have regarding our changes even after you release your whitepaper publicly.

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