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Blockchain Foundry’s Expert Solution Design Program is a quick development product launch engagement that allows us to apply a highly refined process to your vision, turning it into a functional idea. With more than 5 years experience in blockchain system design, we can create a unique, personalized plan for your company.

Who can participate in the solution design program?

The short answer? Anyone. Just know that before you apply, you should have a basic idea of what you want your platform to do and be open to suggestions. We will advise you on how blockchain technology could best help you meet your goals and objectives.

When you are ready to proceed, we start off with a system review and consultation.

All great software projects start somewhere, and at Blockchain Foundry, they start with our Architecture Management team. First, we’ll have an initial discussion about your platform and make sure that, at face value, blockchain technology would enhance your current system. We will then confirm your idea is possible. Since blockchain technology does not benefit all systems, we want to make sure we can deliver what you are expecting. Finally, we’ll ask for your information and have you sign a Mutual Non-disclosure Form. This protects your idea and lets us speak freely together.


Phase 1 – KickOff Call
Phase 1 begins with a kickoff call that will allow for our teams to meet and walk through the project at a high level. At the end your Discovery Calls will be scheduled and the client responsibilities will be defined.

Phase 2 – Solution Design
Starting with a series of Discovery Calls, Blockchain Foundry will do a deep dive into the requirements alongside the client’s team. Once the requirements are gathered, we will go to work to design and build the overall system architecture. Our projects come complete with the blueprints to our recommendations.

Phase 3 – Architecture Presentation
During this phase, Blockchain Foundry will present the systems architecture, this may include wireframes, business requirement documentation, etc. We will also present the Statement of Work for the implementation of Phase 2. Upon sign-off of the Implementation SoW, Blockchain Foundry will begin the build.

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