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Starting from the beginning | Code Quality and Smart Contract Auditing Services

Your code and Smart Contracts are crucial to the success of your business. That’s why we offer Code Quality Reviews and Smart Track Auditing Services. With our help you can ensure that you’re protecting your clients and your business from the foundation up.

Blockchain Foundry knows the business

We have the expertise to review source code with expert analysis. The Blockchain Foundry team will review and approve your code to ensure that it’s ready for release according to our stringent requirements. We also provide audit and review services of your smart contracts for any DApps built on Ethereum and other standard smart contract platforms.


Phase 1 – For the first phase we begin with a review of your code or Smart Contracts. Here we will do a general assessment of your technological ecosystem to ensure that we have all of the information regarding your processes prior to the in-depth audit.

Phase 2 – We will then begin and complete our rigorous audit process. Once completed we will provide your company with the audit report of your code or Smart Contracts and all other materials created during the audit. Within the report, we will outline potential problems, recommend ways to increase your security, and provide a general analysis of the contract dynamics reflecting cutting-edge security patterns. We will then review the audit with your team to ensure we address any questions you have regarding the report, prior to your team addressing and correcting any issues found in the report.

Phase 3 – In the final phase we will review the changes made by your team to your technological ecosystem. Completing a second in-depth audit of your code or Smart Contracts ensures that you have mitigated all risks detected. Once complete we will give you a stamp of approval.

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