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    Blockchain Foundry Inc. is a blockchain technology development and consulting company. We have developed a service layer of smart contracts on top of the Syscoin blockchain tailored to suit our customer’s needs and offer consulting and development on Ethereum and Hyperledger when those better suit our clients use-cases.

    Blockchain Foundry’s mission is to disrupt markets by leveraging the potential of blockchain technology. We remove middlemen, clearing houses and other such mechanisms that negatively affect your bottom line. We also minimize errors, mistakes and security breaches. This type of technology is especially critical in markets where a simple supply chain inefficiency can lead to massive revenue losses. We believe blockchains will fundamentally change how organizations think about doing business.

    Unlike traditional software where your data is in a central location on servers requiring maintenance, staff and regular backups, we use blockchains as our foundation. This allows globally distributed data with limitless redundancy eliminating the need for backups, maintenance, staff and the rent or purchase of expensive hardware. For free.


    Blockchain Foundry offers a number of products:


    Development of Syscoin began in 2013 and quickly became one of the top 20 tokens in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and is continually growing. Our expanding knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology has enabled the unique combination of blockchain services found in our platform: Decentralized Trade, Escrow, Data Pruning, Digital Certificates, Encrypted Messaging, Segwit Activated, Lightning Network Support, Multisig Services, Aliases & Identity, Full Support of Services with Bitcoin and ZCash & much more.

    We are Certified Microsoft Development partners offering 3 product on Microsoft Azure: Syscoin Full Node, Syscoin Price Pegging Server and the Syscoin API Server.

    Syscoin is supported on Poloniex, Bittrex, TuxExchange, BTC38, Livecoin, Yobit, Coinomi, HolyTransaction, Bittylicious, Changelly, Coinpayments, CoinGecko, 19800 Exchange, and many other services.


    Syscoin API
    The Syscoin API is a full REST API which allows developers to create blockchain enabled applications quickly and easily using the tools they are familiar with. Developers can create Bitcoin, Syscoin and ZCash enabled applications without learning new languages as in the case of Ethereum and Hyperledger. The Syscoin API has been developed to make blockchain development quick and easy. We will be continuing development on the API and the Syscoin Core to enable custom smart contracts for nearly any use-case.


    Price Pegging Server
    The Syscoin Price Peg Server is designed to allow non-coders to quickly stand-up and configure their own price peg server. Syscoin Price Peg Server can be used in conjunction with Syscoin’s distributed ecommerce platform, or can be used as an independent price peg for any application requiring conversation between rates or currencies. More details can be found at: http://peg.syscoin.org/


    Blockmarket is a global marketplace developed on the Syscoin blockchain. This allows anyone, anywhere in the world to buy or sell anything to anyone with an internet connection with no middlemen, no hosting fees, zero downtime and near zero fees with arbitrated escrow. With the Blockmarket soon to be released in 2017, our goal is to take market share from Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy and a percentage of legacy ecommerce portals. Desktop version is currently in beta.

    Blockchain Foundry Partnerships

    We are Supernet Partners, founding member of the Decentralized Identity Foundation along with Microsoft, IBM, Tierion, Accenture and other enterprise giants and founding members of the Hawaii Digital Currency Foundation.

    About Blockchain Foundry

    Blockchain Foundry Inc. is a pre-startup company, recently incorporated in 2016 in Toronto, Canada

    English/French Community Contact: Sebastien DiMichele: sdimichele@blockchainfoundry.co

    Chinese Community Contact: Willy Ko: wko@blockchainfoundry.co

    Twitter: @syscoin or @blockfoundry

    Facebook: facebook.com/syscoin or facebook.com/Blockchainfoundry

    More information can be found in our brochure, blockchainfoundry.co and syscoin.org or join our community on our Slack Channel by signing up at join.syscoin.org

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