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Toronto, March 30, 2017 – Blockchain Foundry Inc. (“Blockchain Foundry” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce a major milestone in the form of Microsoft Azure product certification for three products powered by the Syscoin blockchain. This certification is a key step in the Company’s evolution as a leading developer of blockchain infrastructure and services.


Blockchain Foundry’s Azure offerings now include the following products:

  • Syscoin Full Node: A fully hosted version of the Syscoin blockchain.
  • Syscoin Price Peg Server: A server application for maintaining exchange rates between the Syscoin token and other supported digital and fiat currencies.  
  • Syscoin API Server: An API server for interacting with Syscoin’s decentralized service network.

“Microsoft Azure has been instrumental in helping us to realize our vision of becoming a leading provider of innovative blockchain services,” said Dan Wasyluk, President and CEO of Blockchain Foundry. “They have been an extraordinary partner as we have scaled up our organization and we look forward to continued collaboration in the future.”


Commenting further, Mr. Wasyluk said, "With these new product releases, we are opening the door for any developer who uses Azure to easily participate in the development of decentralized applications, using the service layer that the Syscoin blockchain provides. This is the next step in our long term strategy of positioning Syscoin for use in large-scale enterprise applications."


Marley Gray, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Azure Blockchain Engineering said, "The Microsoft Azure team has collaborated with the Syscoin team since March 2016, and we are pleased to support the launch of their first three products on the Azure platform. They are a valued partner in the Azure Blockchain ecosystem and we look forward to continuing work with the Company."


About Syscoin


Syscoin is a blockchain protocol that provides businesses and individuals the ability to trade goods, assets, digital certificates and data securely. The Syscoin token trades under the symbol “SYS” on leading digital asset exchanges including Poloniex (, BTC38 ( and Bittrex ( For more information please visit


About Blockchain Foundry


Blockchain Foundry is an emerging blockchain-technology development company. The Company developed the Syscoin protocol in 2014 and designs and develops commercial blockchain-based solutions for businesses and individual consumers. To learn more about Blockchain Foundry please visit

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